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Overland Motorsports Update
September 10, 2012

Over the next month Overland Motorsports will be changing its business plan to working on large custom projects only.  We are sorry to announce that we will no longer be doing small jobs but will be happy to offer advice on your project.  We currently will be finishing any jobs that are in the shop or that have be schedual for the next month. If there is something very spefic that maybe only we can help with please dont heasitate to ask. I would like to thank the local offroad comunity for being such good customers over the last year! I am sorry again but we will still be at all the shows and events that we can!

Thank you for everything.
Overland Motorsports


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Jeep Wrangler JK Right Hand Drive Conversion.
April 2, 2012

This project has been complete for a month or so now and I thought i would share a bit about it.

This Jeep is a 2007 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon that the owner is moving to Kenya. The owner wanted to take his beloved jeep with him and was turned on to Overland Motorsports by a friend. To be imported the Jeep had to be RHD so off we went.

The project is extensive! Just to cover a few the track bars front and rear need to be fliped. The steering box and drag link have to be fliped with new knuckles on the axle. The battery and brake booster need to exchange places as well as the interior needs to be revamped. The big issue is the magnesium frame that holds the dash up needs to be replaced with one with one from a RHD jeep. And the list goes on and on, the pictures say it all. Some of the parts are sourced from other locations but it is all converted in house.

Have a look at some of the pictures and let us know what you think!

Overland Motorsports
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Lemondrops Ride
January 12, 2012


This story is writen by Rob Noyes-Smith my business partner after he made a trip from North Carolina to New Mexico in a Classic Triumph TR3. Rob for those of you who don't know Rob is one of the owners at Overland Motorsports! He is a Great guy and this is a wonderful story so read on!

Overland Motorsports

Lemondrops Ride

It all started circa 2005 when Randy on hearing of Franks upcoming restoration of a 1961 Triumph TR3 andwith a gentle twisting of arms, managed to persuade Frank that he was in greater need and thus dictated the beautiful original Triumph yellow.

Randy’s father had served in the US Army Air force in Europe during WW II and his first new car after the conflict was a yellow 61 TR3 in which Randy would accompany his father on sales calls as a young nipper, sans seatbelts.   

Being a Triumph man, my father worked in the factory after WW II; I said if he ever wanted to sell it let me know. Come the wedding of Randy’sdaughter in October of 2010 when my wife Maggie drove Lemondrop (she had the gaul to name someone else’s car) along the Blue Ridge Parkway and proclaimed much affection, and how Lemondrop was infinitely better than my racing TR3. I stirred the cogs in Randy’s mind a few extra revolutions and seven months later the deed was done.

I have been accused by many a women upon hearing that I bought Lemondrop for my wife’s birthday of really buying the car for myself. This goes to prove, that women are not infallible, particularly when it comes to cars. Why would I torture myself with yet another British car to work on (I have been restoring a [more...]
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London to Cape Town is on!
January 12, 2012

The London to Cape Town rally is well underway and going great. No problems to speak of other than a lost mudflap on day one. Follow the team on facebook,!/BuchananGreenRallyTeam.

Overland Motorsports
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Your one stop 4wheel drive shop.
December 14, 2011

Overland motorsports is your one stop 4wheel drive shop. We not only can fabricate anything you need but we also supply all the same parts as any other 4 wheel drive shop. We are vendors for many companies around the country and can supply what you need!


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Weekly work
December 8, 2011

Well December is off with a shot and here at OMS we are staying busy with some interesting projects.

The latest job we have undertaken is a Right Hand Drive conversion on a 2007 Jeep wrangler JK! It is proving to be a challenge but it is coming along. I will post some pictures as we go but take it from me, don't try this at home!

As well as the RHD we are beginning fabrication on some more production products such as, Jeep Cherokee frame stiffeners and the Tj rear storage box.
The Cherokee frame stiffeners are self explanatory, they weld on to the Unibody frame to shore up any weak points.

The Tj rear storage box is just for all of you that run without a rear seat and no top but still would like some protection for your things. They are much larger than some of the others out there and are made to even strap things down on top of it.

Hope all is well and keep on wheelin!

Overland Motorsports
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Rci Fuel Cell Bracket
October 19, 2011

RCI fuel cell bracket is now avalable. These brackets are for the 15 gallon RCI tank and bolt behind the rear seat of your TJ.

This tank bracket is much stronger than the straps the tanks come with and it will add a little style to your rig!! 

Custom brackets are also avalible, call for your needs!
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The Rally Build is coming along!
August 25, 2011

The London to cape town project is comming along, but we aren't quite finished yet. The axles have been trussed, the skid plates are mostly on and the cage is taking shape.

By way of the history of this project: We first started by taking the 2011 Jeep down to the tub and began removing the factory cage, as well as anything nonessential.

The front axle was removed to sleave the tubes and renforce all the brackets in order to prevent bending. The long side of the front axle received 16 holes and the short side received 8, all of which were plug-welded. The "C"s also were gussetted and all the ball joints were replaced, because some "genius" at Jeep thought plastic would be a smart choice. The front axle was then reassembled and put back under the Jeep.

The rear axle got some light gussetting, and the track bar mount was replaced with one from TeraFlex.

All eight control arms have been replaced with ones from Currie; and they were well worth it, even though they added some weight.
The cage of the Jeep is coming together but not quite finished. It is not going to go through the dash, but instead in front. The rear also is getting some extensive tube work to shore up any weak points.
At this date, we are still waiting for wheels, tires, and shocks. The wheels are going to be powdercoated, but hopefully everything will be ready by next week.
This project is going well and it is coming along - slowly, but surely!  Things like this never seems to go as planned!

Stay tuned for more updates soon, as this project has only a few weeks left to complete!
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Some updates on the London Rally Vehicle
August 15, 2011

Some photos of the latest work on the Rally Jeep are posted now in the Photo Gallery.
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